As well as being a busy port and bustling tourist destination, Halifax harbour is also the second largest natural ice-free harbour in the world.

The best way to explore and view Halifax Harbour is by ferry, which takes just 12 minutes to cross from Halifax to Dartmouth on the eastern side of the port. Several islands populate the Harbour, the nearest island being George's Island which is home to a small lighthouse. This lighthouse played a key role in the Harbour's defence system for almost 200 years and although not open to the public, it has been named a National Historic Site and the local heritage department is currently restoring its fortifications.

Further out in the Harbour is McNab's Island which is accessible by ferry or boat. This Island was another important part of the Harbour defence system and also home to several generations of independent settlers.

Lawlor's Island lies close to the mainland, creating the eastern entrance to the Harbour and consists primarily of undeveloped protected woodland, home to wild deer and osprey.

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