Halifax was the site for the first British town in Canada and is now a relaxed waterfront city with vibrant 19th century seaport, large naval base and wonderful mix of architecture including white clapboard churches and Victorian red brick public houses. Boasting the world's second biggest natural harbour, losing only to Sydney, Halifax has been a site of great strategic importance for many centuries.

Airline/ Flight Information
Halifax boasts an award winning international airport served by over 20 renowned airlines including Delta Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Icelandair, Canada Air and BMI.

Halifax can be reached via direct flights from many European locations including London, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Malaga; from the US including Washington, Atlanta, Orlando, Bermuda, New York and Boston; and internal Canadian flights direct from all major Canadian cities. Flying time from London is less than six hours, from Boston one and a half hours and just two from New York City.

Map of Halifax


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