How secure is your investment?

  • A completely independent UK-based Trustee Company, Citadel Trustees Ltd will act on your behalf as Escrow Agent in the acquisition of the land and oversee all aspects of your participation.
  • Your money will be held in a separate Barclays bank account named an Escrow Account managed by the Escrow Agent. Under English Law, the money in an Escrow Account is protected and legally acknowledged that the funds belong to clients and not to the company managing it.
  • The Funds are protected from creditors and would be returned to you without claim in the event the company managing the funds went into liquidation.
  • The investment is secured by a title deed within the development.
  • The liability of this opportunity is limited to the funds you invest.
  • 100% of the value of the investment is covered by Title Insurance.
  • The project is being advanced by an experienced and well organised development team with a proven track record.


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