A Centre of Excellence for More Than 200 Years

Nova Scotia has a population of less than 1 million people, yet is home to 11 universities, 13 community college campuses and more than 100 high schools - more per capita than anywhere else in Canada.

Nearly one in ten students on Nova Scotia campuses are from outside Canada coming from 120 countries around the world. They come for the quality of life and the natural beauty. Mostly, they come for the value of an international calibre education at an affordable cost.

Years before Canada became a country in 1867, Nova Scotia was already an educational centre. Canada's first English-speaking high schools and universities were founded there and Canada's first newspaper was published there.

Nova Scotia's tradition of enlightenment continues today. Their high school diplomas have gained students entrance into colleges and universities around the world. Nova Scotia Community College has seen its diploma graduates go on to university or directly into the workforce. They also have well-established private language schools where you can learn English as a second language.


Welcoming the World's Best

With few exceptions, most Nova Scotia universities offer guaranteed admittance to International Students who have graduated from a Nova Scotia high school with an average of 70% on required courses. In addition, if you have an average of 70% in Nova Scotia Grade 12 English, or equivalent, you do not have to write the English proficiency exam when you apply to a university here. Nova Scotia also offers a system that allows credits to be transferred to your home country.

Getting an education of this calibre can cost less in Nova Scotia than similar educations in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. When you consider the lower cost of living in Nova Scotia, an education here can be more affordable than in the rest of Canada.

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