Rated as the best place to live in the world by a United Nations study, Canada has much to be proud of. A breathtakingly beautiful country that enjoys high environmental standards and an enviously low crime rate, education, welfare, economic factors - everything that adds up to a superior quality of life.

With Canada ranking in 3rd place out of 178 countries in the 2008 Human Development Index of well-being based on health, education and standard of living, now has never been a better time to think about emigrating there.

Canada has a proud tradition of welcoming immigrants and accepts around 250,000 new immigrants each year, roughly 1% of their population. One of every six Canadian residents was born outside the country. Their immigration system is one of the best in the world and has helped to make Canada a culturally rich, prosperous and progressive nation.

The Government of Canada is committed to reaching out to Canadians and newcomers and is developing lasting relationships with ethnic and religious communities in Canada. It encourages these communities to participate fully in society by enhancing their level of economic, social, and cultural integration.

Canada's Ethnocultural Portrait