About Us

Our History and Core Values

Who is Landcorp International?

Landcorp International is an introducer of pre-development land investment opportunities – land with a clear path to development. We present investment opportunities on behalf of carefully selected, forward-thinking development companies from around the globe. Currently, we are introducing investment in Canada land and investment in Brazil land.

With headquarters in Spain, Landcorp International has introduced global development investment opportunities to both first time and seasoned investors in 25 countries worldwide. Investments start from £20,000 to £1million+.

What do we do?

Landcorp International is not involved in the development project. We act as an introducer to pre-development land opportunities between private investors and the development company.

Landcorp International markets innovative development land investments, specialising in ‘early stage’ property developments around the globe. We introduce a unique way to invest safely and profitably in development land alongside experienced international development companies.

Landcorp International only introduces land that is already zoned for development within strong growth areas that have a high likelihood of achieving planning permission, i.e. where the land is already earmarked for development.

How are we different?

At Landcorp International we have set ourselves apart by setting in place a number of safeguards and ethical business practices for our investors.

  • Landcorp does NOT introduce greenbelt, agricultural or protected land
  • We ONLY introduce land that is zoned for development and has a clear path to achieving planning permission
  • All the projects we introduce, the development companies retain the majority interest
  • Only a limited number of investors are invited to participate in the investments
  • A number of investment safeguards are in place to protect investors
  • All funds are held in a UK Escrow Account in the investors name and are fully protected
  • An independent UK based Trustee – Citadel Trustees – has conducted extensive due diligence on the developments and development companies and manages all aspects of the clients investment

What are our Core Values?

HONESTY: To introduce genuine investment opportunities that have been rigorously researched

INTEGRITY: To only introduce land that has already been classified for development

PROFESSIONALISM: To be professional, efficient and effective in our approach to introducing the best solution every time

QUALITY: To give the best, unrivaled results

COMMITMENT: To introduce the best products and provide a quality service to our clients at all times

TRANSPARENCY: To be upfront explaining how we operate, the planning progress and returns clients can expect from the Development Company

SECURITY: We understand people are investing their hard earned money. That’s why an independent, UK based Trustee governed by UK Law manages your investment from day one and all land is registered with the local authority

Landcorp International - Introducing Global Pre-Development Land Investment Opportunities