I first came across Landcorp International while I was doing research for investment vehicles using a range of resources, including web based, broker based and word of mouth.

I found Landcorp International on the web and was attracted by the provision of documentation, clarity of the investment structure and clear assessment of the risks involved as well as its track record in previous investments.

One can’t deny the attractiveness of a headline guaranteeing return on investment, particularly when that figure is 69% as it was when I invested. A wise investor (and I count myself as one!) automatically starts looking for the weakness in the proposal.

This is just common sense. This done, and individual due diligence performed on all involved, however, soon leads to the conclusion that this in fact might be one of the all too rare gems in an investment quarry that are so hard to find. Thus far, this has been my experience.

I’ve had good follow up, documentation has stood up to legal scrutiny and the investment model itself makes sense. This is vital for me – I’m an international investor with little time for get-rich-quick schemes and the like, thus a solid return on a sound investment vehicle backed by viable assets (i.e. land in this case) is exactly the sort of item that catches my eye.

Since investing, the attention to detail and adherence to schedule has been outstanding. Nothing turns someone off an investment quicker than slippage in schedules! I am very happy indeed with the amount of information and updates I receive from the company about how my investment is progressing and the level of customer service has been very good indeed.

I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Landcorp International to a friend, in fact I already have!

Mike Li, Asia (Forest Lakes Country Club , Canada, investor)

In 2008, I was looking for somewhere to invest for the future and I came across Forest Lakes Country Club, Canada, and I thought I would try it.

There were other investments that I was considering but eventually I settled for this because I was more attracted to it and I know that Canada enjoys economic stability, it doesn´t just go up and down like other parts of the world.

I am very pleased with how my investment has progressed because the forecast was precise. Landcorp International said that the developer was anticipating a certain grade at a certain period and it has come to pass. I have now exchanged my investment for a plot at Forest Lakes Country Club.

I feel like I was well informed and kept up to date with the investment development, you have to credit Landcorp International for that. The information I received was fantastic.

I would definitely consider investing in another product introduced by Landcorp International.

Ambassador Ridwhan Mustapha, Nigeria

Landcorp’s approach is refreshing. It is great to be able to talk to a company who make time for their clients, give them breathing space to allow them to deliberate and think.

Phil C, Nottingham

As an investor at Forest Lakes Country Club, I was genuinely impressed when I made my first visit to the project in Atlantic Canada – the Forest Lakes site is simply stunning. I was delighted to be paid punctually by the developer when my first Forest Lakes plot reached its exit date with the second due later this year. I am looking forward to considering further options to invest in Forest Lakes as Nova Scotia is such a beautiful part of the world.

M.H. Moharram

I first discovered Landcorp International when I was researching how to generate the highest returns on an investment.

Landcorp International stood out from all the banks and building societies with the extremely attractive ROI it was advertising on real estate opportunities that it markets in Canada, Argentina and Brazil.

From a financial point of view it made much more sense to invest my money in products introduced by Landcorp International than any of the traditional financial institutions, which could only offer low interest rates.

Once I had read all the Landcorp International brochures and spoken to a representative of the company, I felt very comfortable about investing, even though it was the first time I had made an investment outside of a bank or building society.

Since then I have received monthly returns on my investment in Argentina and I even made an investment in a second product in Brazil.

I am also planning to make a third investment in an off-plan plot opportunity in Canada introduced by Landcorp International in the near future.

I am very happy that I decided to invest in products marketed by Landcorp International.

It is a very trustworthy company that always checks I am receiving my monthly returns from the developer on time and keeps me regularly updated on the progress of my investment.

The customer service is outstanding and my Landcorp International representative, Paul Morrant, stays in touch with me on a regular basis, which gives me further confidence in the company and the security of my investment.

Elizabeth Whelan, Deal, UK

I want to thank everyone at Landcorp International for their professionalism and patience while dealing with my enquiry.

I really appreciate the regular communication that you have maintained with me both throughout the introduction process and since I made my investment.

It is refreshing to do business with a company that delivers such great customer service.

Jayne P, Northampton

I just thought I would drop you a quick line to say thank you for all your help.

I do appreciate the way Landcorp International have assisted me in my decision making process and the way they maintain communications and update me on all developments as they occur.

David M, Ayrshire

I would like to thank you all for being a really professional organisation that has reaffirmed my faith that there are still some very good companies that you can trust.

All the best for another great year.

Steve W, Birmingham