At Landcorp International we pride ourselves on being clear and concise every step of the way, helping you find the ideal real estate investment opportunity.

  • Who is Landcorp International?Open or Close

    Landcorp International is a real estate marketing agency specialising in bespoke large scale real estate projects.

    We present these opportunities on behalf of carefully selected, forward thinking global development companies.

    Established since 2007, we have helped individuals from more than 50 countries successfully purchase in projects around the world.
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  • What opportunities are you marketing?Open or Close

    We are currently working with leading development companies, Terra Firma Development Corporation Ltd and Pure Resorts Enseada Parnaíba Ltda, to market real estate opportunities at two prominent real estate projects in Canada and Brazil.

    These exciting five-star global resorts, which combine premium hotel and residential accommodation, have been handpicked by Landcorp International for their financial viability and the excellent returns on offer to buyers.

  • Why are these developments likely to be successful?Open or Close

    The developers have carried out detailed research and due diligence on the areas where the resorts are being built.

    All developments are situated in locations with strong economic growth potential, a sizeable population, buoyant tourism, political stability and a clear and well performing secondary property market, ensuring optimum conditions for their success.
    Equally, all locations have a real requirement for premium accommodation and have already demonstrated demand from the local market.
    In addition, the development teams behind each project have proven track records in taking developments from drawing board through to successful completion.

  • Why is the developer offering a contractual buyback?Open or Close

    Because you are purchasing in the early stages of construction, the developers are confident of being able to resell your plot for a higher amount as the development progresses.
    Once there is more infrastructure in place, and as each resort gets closer to completion, the developers believe demand from local buyers looking to purchase plots and build homes will be strong.
    In addition this is supported by the ongoing luxury tourism sales being carried out for Forest Lakes Country Club in Canada by prestigious third party firms such as Savills and Engel & Volkers Resorts.

  • How is land investment different to land banking?Open or Close

    Real estate development is often wrongly included under the same banner as land banking, but there are important differences between them that distinguish real estate development as a more secure option.
    Land banking is an investment method that involves the purchase of raw land, holding on to it in order to sell it at a future date to turn a profit.
    The profit is expected to be created through capital appreciation that generally stems from a combination of inflation and significant change in land usage or zoning.
    However, the flaw with land banking is that more often than not, the land purchased in these schemes is of low value, a Greenfield site, not classified for development or agricultural use and is likely never to be developed.
    In contrast to this method, real estate development offers opportunities in land that either already has planning permission or is zoned (classified) for development by local planning authorities.
    The most secure opportunities also have a development company, which has prepared a solid development proposal in conjunction with the local planning department.
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  • Why buy land?Open or Close

    Purchasing in the early stages of real estate development has traditionally been reserved for large corporates, institutions and private wealth funds, but following the global economic crisis and subsequent tightening of lending criteria, many development companies are turning to a private purchaser finance model.
    This means ordinary individuals have the opportunity of investing in large-scale real estate projects for the first time.
    Opportunities are available from just £25,000 and offer a contractual developer buyback with a variety of options to suit both the income and growth purchaser.

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  • How long will it take?Open or Close

    There are a range of maturity options for the real estate opportunities we introduce. If you desire a longer-term hold period, you have the opportunity to complete the purchase of your plot to either sell at a later date or build on and increase its value. For more details, please contact us.

  • What is my exit strategy?Open or Close

    At your preferred closing date, you have two exit options. You may either take advantage of the contractual developer buyback and exit with your initial purchase amount and returns, or pay the balance to keep your plot.
    If you choose to keep your plot, you can build a home on it and sell for a higher return, or rent the property out for an on-going income.
    All developers plan to offer property management services to help you make your home available for holiday rental.


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