About Us

Who we are

Established in 2007, Landcorp International is a real estate marketing agent working to offer private individuals the opportunity to purchase in large-scale development projects. We handpick exciting premium projects in locations that have demonstrated clear growth potential and act as an introducer between private purchasers and developers.

Landcorp not only looks at prospective developers and partners, but more importantly studies the related marketplace from a number of key perspectives – from economic stability to growth potential, average income levels to unemployment levels, from banking stability to foreign investment levels, from immigration to domestic property absorption rates – our research team considers a diverse range of factors that impact not only client profitability but also the risks from each marketplace.

Purchasing in the early stages of real estate development offers substantial uplift against future market values, but has traditionally been reserved for large corporate companies and high net worth individuals. However, as banks tighten lending criteria, more and more developers are raising additional development capital from private purchasers as a trusted alternative finance method for resorts that are being built in overseas destinations

This involves making multiple off-plan plots available at prices that are affordable for private individuals in order to fund initial infrastructure and professional fees. These early purchasers then share the profits gained via excellent appreciation offered on the plots sold.

We select the development companies that we introduce very carefully. We only work with experienced teams, with a proven track record in taking projects from the drawing board to successful completion.

We also ensure projects meet our high environmental values. Headquartered in Spain, Landcorp International has introduced unique opportunities to purchasers in 50 countries.


How we work

Landcorp looks to identify opportunities within the development sectors, buy & build and secondary residence markets.

Landcorp’s clear and committed approach to identification and promotion of relevant projects has introduced opportunities to help developers raise many millions of dollars of additional capital for diverse developments in many of the world’s emerging hotspots. Despite the international market downturns, the Landcorp approach to research and due diligence has successfully pinpointed excellent opportunities as our Testimonials make clear.


Become part of our story

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“I found Landcorp International on the web and was attracted by the provision of documentation, clarity of the investment structure and clear assessment of the risks involved.”

“I am very happy that I decided to invest in products marketed by Landcorp International. It is a very trustworthy company that keeps me regularly updated on the progress of my investment.”

“I am very pleased with how my investment has progressed because the forecast was precise. I have now exchanged my investment for a plot at Forest Lakes Country Club.”

“I have been invested for six years and I am fully satisfied with how Forest Lakes is progressing. Terra Firma have been excellent with me and seem to have everything under control.”

“Overall, I am very happy with my investment.”

“You are doing a great job!”

Our brand values


There’s no jargon or smoke and mirrors here. The real estate investment opportunities we introduce and their associated risks and benefits are clearly communicated from the outset. And we keep you informed with regular updates on project developments.


We understand that you are investing your hard earned money. We take this responsibility seriously and only work with development companies we can trust, on projects we are confident will offer not only worthwhile returns, but also mitigated risk.


We are committed to introducing the most innovative and exciting real estate investment opportunities, but most of all we are committed to you. To securing the very best returns and providing a quality service throughout the lifecycle of your investment.