Canada gained independence from the UK in 1982 and is governed as a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state.

It is bilingual and multicultural, with British and French majorities, and is exemplary in its tolerance of all people. Ranked as one of the world's richest nations thanks to an abundance of natural resources, most notably large fossil fuel deposits, Canada interestingly remains largely unspoiled and under populated. Up to 90% of the 30 million-strong population lives within 160km of the US border and the rest is dedicated to the great outdoors.

Landcorp International has been closely charting Canada's increasing appeal to second and permanent home hunters and believes that now could be a good time to invest. The property market still represents excellent value for money for foreign purchasers and over recent years a number of luxurious lifestyle developments have been marketed successfully to an international audience.

Canada encompasses six time zones, borders three of the world's four oceans and is beaten only by the Russian Federation in area. Unlike newly emerging countries such as Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania, Canada is a much more attractive and secure country to invest in. The first language is English, crime is extremely low and unemployment runs at just 6.1%* - a 30 year low.

*Source www.statcan.gc.ca

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