While many cities are consciously reducing their environmental and ecological footprints and a wide array of new developments are being built on 'green' principles, Ecocity Brasil holds a vast number of advantages over all of these:

  • The stunning location and biodiversity of the site is unparalleled.
  • The aim is to create the largest ecotourism residential complex in Brazil.
  • Complete government backing and local priority.
  • Starting from scratch so the very latest environmental infrastructure can be created from the ground up.
  • The goal is to not only create a fully ecologically-healthy city, but one with an unparalleled standard of living.
  • Approximately 40% of the total land is to be built on.
  • Surrounded by thousands of kilometres of protected land, so urban sprawling is impossible.
  • Being built by a Development Company with an impressive track record in sustainable development.
  • Ecocity Brasil is working towards ISO 14001 approval, the international voluntary standard which measures and ensures that the environmental impact of the development is minimal.


The Growth of EcoTourism