Located in the Parnaíba Delta, in the Northeastern state of Piauí, Ecocity Brasil is an undiscovered Eden of beauty and tranquillity which is set to become the largest residential eco-friendly tourist complex in Brazil.

Ecocity Brasil sits on an area of over 80 million square metres (of which approximately 60% is enviromentally protected) and straddles a landscape that includes: 

  •   10km of coastline
  •   Rivers and channels
  •   Seven million square metres of sand dunes
  •   Oases and lagoons
  •   Lush forests

It also lies next to 2,700 square kilometres of protected areas that boast 700 kilometres of navigable channels, 82 islands and 60km of coastline.

Life at Ecocity Brasil will be a delightful experience. Besides the luxurious accommodation that will be constructed as standard, each resort will be inter-linked by eco-friendly water taxis, promoting a harmonious atmosphere that is at one with the delicate ecosystem in which the resorts sit. Daily activities could include fishing on the Parnaíba River, kite-surfing or wind-surfing on the Atlantic, exploring the rainforests and deserted beaches on horseback or simply pampering oneself at one of the numerous luxury spa and leisure centres.


  •  Exceptionally large percentage of green areas. Around 40% of the site will be built on.
  •  Sun, wind and rain harnessed for efficient energy and water solutions.
  •  All buildings constructed from renewable or recycled materials, insulated to maintain a constant and comfortable temperature and using all the latest in energy-saving appliances.
  •  Locally produced biofuel used throughout buildings and vehicles of Ecocity Brasil.
  •  Efficient transport and cycle paths throughout.
  •  Organic crops and products grown locally used throughout the complex.
  •  On-site recycling and solar desalination plants.


What is an Ecocity?