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Covering an area of 80 million square metres (20,000 acres) of land, the proposed site for Ecocity Brasil  is located in the state of Piauí, on the edge of the Parnaíba River Delta. The state of Piauí is the size of England and Ecocity Brasil is the only development in the entire state.

Map of Ecocity


Ecocity Brasil boasts a location that is equidistant to many of the world's leading tourist-generating centres, such as North America and Europe.

The nearest airport is the International Dr Joäo Silva Filho Airport, which is just 10km away. Declared an international airport in 2006 (an important move for the growth of real estate tourism in the area), the presence of such a well-connected airport so close to Ecocity Brasil makes the development extremely accessible from local and international destinations.

Average flight times from Dr Joäo Silva Filho International Airport:

Flight times to Ecocity Brazil

Unlike the Mediterranean, the Northeast region of Brazil boasts an inviting climate all year round, with average temperatures between 23 degrees and 32 degrees.Unlike the Caribbean, Brazil is free from hurricanes and rainy seasons. The region is also closer to Europe than the Caribbean.

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