Landcorp International is not involved in the development scheme but rather acts as an introducer to pre-development land opportunities.


You may have considered investing in the traditional real estate market and found it to be a little volatile and insecure during these uncertain times. A safer approach could be to buy raw land that is zoned for Development.

Not just any land, but quality land in sought-after locations that are growing economically. Historically, land in the right location rarely loses value, rather it typically gains a large increase in value once planning permission has been granted. And of course the value is also dependent on the location of the land and what is planned to be built on it.

Landcorp International only introduces land that is already zoned for development which is located in a growth area that has a high likelihood to achieve planning permission.

Investing in land at a pre-development stage not only raises additional development capital for the developer, it also allows the investor to enjoy the uplift in the value of the land along with the Development Company once planning permission has been granted.

The Development Company will retain a majority holding in the Land in the overall project thus assuring you that it will do everything necessary to achieve planning permission for the Development.

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