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Interview with Esdras Nascimento, Pure Resorts Project Manager

23rd September 2015

esdrasEsdras Nascimento is Project Manager for Pure Resorts Hotels & Residences, overseeing the development of flagship property Pure Resorts Parnaíba, as well as four other Pure Resorts in northeast Brazil.

We caught up with him to find out how these spectacular developments will revolutionise tourism in northeast Brazil and mark history in terms of their architecture and engineering…


What differentiates Pure Resorts from other developments in Brazil?

Luxury tourism and eco tourism are rarely combined. This concept, which we call “barefoot luxury”, was what drove all the efforts of our designers, as well as the process of material specifications to be used in construction.

“From the beginning, the environmental considerations of the site were identified, and equated within the design process. This prevented any problems arising because they were already incorporated at the kick-off.

“The build density of the development is also greatly reduced when compared with other resorts. To respect the environment, we have large plots and reduced occupation, culminating in privileged sight lines to the beach and sea.”

What measures have you taken to protect the natural habitat during construction?

“We have gone to great lengths to ensure the migration routes of birds are not interrupted by power cables, by placing cabling underground wherever possible. Likewise, we have taken care to protect the natural habitat of turtles by not disturbing any existing ponds.”

Who is responsible for the architecture and landscaping of Pure Resorts?

“The architecture was initiated by renowned Spanish architecture firm, Melvin Villarroel. The executive phase is being overseen by FARO Architecture, which has extensive knowledge of tourist developments in the region.

“Although we have defined the overall look and feel of the resort, certain elements are still evolving.”

So, what can we expect to see?

“This will be a surprise! All will be revealed during the first onsite party. But what I can tell you is that there will be greater involvement of the community and local artisans to ensure the resort is authentic.”

Are the engineers working closely with the landscape architect?

“Our landscaping is designed by Christiane Roncato, with support from Management Plan Engineer, Rene Arnuti.

“Typically, the architecture of a project is designed first, and then the landscapers are engaged, but with the Pure concept, the buildings and gardens rise together, interconnected, and optimised.”

How is Pure Resorts working to protect the environment and the local community?

“The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA-RIMA) is usually seen as the enemy of large developments. Our approach was different. It was seen as an opportunity to create a sustainable development model to be followed by all involved.

“We will be taking up less than 20% of our site with buildings. We have prepared various environmental monitoring programs, water quality, solid waste management and we are even cooperating with the public sector in building a sustainable visitation plan for the Delta.”

What message would you like to leave readers interested in the future of Pure Resorts?

“We will exceed your expectations!”


About Esdras Nascimento

Esdras, a Brazilian national, is a Civil Engineer and certified Project Management Professional with an MBA by Coppead/UFRJ in Rio de Janeiro. He has managed large infrastructure projects in New York and New Jersey and has worked in Brazil as an engineer for Algar Telecom Leste / Telmex, the Ministry of Tourism and Ecocil Engenharia, where he was responsible for projects totalling 12,000 residential units.

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